New Product Launch!! Monkey Paws!!

New Product Launch!! Monkey Paws!!

June 05, 2019

Hi everyone.  We are JW Fitness, and welcome to our online store!!
We have a new and exciting product out, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you the benefits and hopefully we can assist you in your ongoing training endeavors.
Most of us have incurred many training injuries over the years. Most common injuries among weight lifters are usually in the wrist and elbows. Wrist wraps and compression sleeves are cool, but they only maintain the injury. What we fail to realize is that these injuries come from improper balance and body mechanics IN THE HANDS. So we developed a new style of training glove to reduce and relieve these conditions by attacking the source.

We've been going around to local gyms to have people try our product and get their feedback.  Please like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see pics and videos of testimonials from real people that have used our products.


*Benefits of using Monkey Paws during training*

  • Increase grip strength
  • Better stability
  • Reduce and relieve strain related injuries