Monkey Paws - Work Fit Edition

The Monkey Paw Work Fit gloves use the JW Fitness Patent Pending Technology to improve each workout. 

For those of you who lift heavy, the amazing JW Fitness technology is combined with or without an integrated wrist wrap. During heavy lifts the wrist will grow and you may find yourself using muscles that you've traditionally don't use.  The optional wrist wrap will keep you lifting heavy while you are building your wrists yet still getting the benefits of this amazing technology! 

We theorize that by adding 8mm of padding under the pinky finger and the index finger only that we can reduce wrist strain and improve grip strength yielding bigger volume with less tendon strain.

Monkey Paw gloves were born out of 25+ years of lifting experience. The inventor who suffered from chronic tendon strain noticed that by changing the angle of just two fingers that his lifts went up and his chronic elbow pain.

The theory is that our hands are better equipped to grasp a ball than a bar and by changing the engagement of the fingers by increasing contact with the pinky (which is as strong as the ring finger) and slightly reducing the force on the index finger more power is generated and the force is normalized across the entire hand, wrist and forearm.

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